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Water Damage Testimonials

We had a water supply line in the second story wall burst on a Saturday evening during the snows in February. Several inches of water filled the finished basement with some of it pouring through electrical outlets. It was a rough day. SERVPRO was contacted. Silo called back quickly to schedule immediately to come out and assess despite the snow and the fact that it was Saturday night. He even offered to bring us coffee which demonstrated that he understands how people might be feeling when they require SERVPRO services. Overwhelmed is probably the word for it. He showed up, did his assessment, offered some much needed humor, and then gave us an idea of what to expect going forward. Very professional without being impersonal. And so far, he has been the only contractor/service person we've contacted who was willing or able to come out and help. If it weren't for him showing up, we'd still be overwhelmed, searching for any kind of relief. I look forward to continuing to work with Silo and his team as we try and resolve this unforeseen disaster. 

Hi, I am Jeanne Staehli's daughter. We were just up at the mountain cabin this weekend and I expected to have to do a LOT of cleaning to get it ready for family to be able to use it this winter. Instead, I just had to clean up after the mice that have invaded in our absence, but all the rest was so clean that I was able to just relax and read a book for most of my time up there. You and your team are fabulous, and I thank you so much for your professionalism. Best regards, Sue

Very impressed with the work performed.

Prompt, quick and thorough job performed by a great crew.

Bodie was very nice and professional. He did a great job.

Clone them!!!!

This was an after  hours emergency and SERVPRO was there for me . Silo was incredibly helpful throughout the evening and follow up in the morning . Onsite Sebastian and his team were professional and very thorough 

This was an after  hours emergency and SERVPRO was there for me . Silo was incredibly helpful throughout the evening and follow up in the morning . Onsite Sebastian and his team were professional and very thorough 

Very specifically because of the work Silo Bucsa did with our insurance company, within a few days, using all the documented evidence he had created when we had our flood, our insurance finally settled FAIRLY with us on the funds needed to rebuild the house.

Just 3 1/2 short weeks after work at last began, we're moved back in (2 days before Christmas!). The SERVPRO SouthEast team came back, unpacked the pod, moved our belongings back into our home for us, and of course took care of the last step and scheduled the pickup of the storage pod.

How do you thank someone who, in a few days, wins for you the losing battle you fought hopelessly for months?  Well, the very least you can do is write a simple review that lets others know what an amazing company SERVPRO SouthEast Portland is, and how incredibly fortunate you would be if you had to call on them for help!

The next morning, SERVPRO had a storage pod ordered and parked in our driveway, packed out our entire first floor, and then demo'd everything in order to make sure NO MOLD grew anywhere in our walls and floors.  All the damaged construction was removed.  SERVPRO demoed all our flooring, baseboards, trim, cabinets, and kitchen island, and cut open all the walls two feet high so that their heavy duty drying fans could better do their jobs.

It took about a week of the fans and dehumidifiers running constantly before the house was considered fully dry and ready to get rebuilt, and that's when our biggest challenge began.  Getting everything together (pix & documentation) for the insurance company, going through the insurance damage assessment process, getting bids for the repair work, etc., and then fighting with the insurance to get them to pay fairly for the work needing done to restore our home was, quite frankly, a nightmare! SERVPRO helped us there as well!

For 4 months we fought our insurance while basically NO work was getting done on the house.  Silo at SERVPRO checked in with us from time to time to see how things were going, and when he came out to pick up the check our insurance had sent for his company's services, he saw that the house was still basically gutted (except for sheetrock and the HVAC which had been fixed early on).  He offered to help us get things moving, and OMG he did!

Having your home just absolutely destroyed while you watch is devastating, but having SERVPRO SouthEast Portland helping us (above and beyond helping us!) made such an incredible difference!

4 months ago, the water line on our refrigerator popped out of the brass fitting connecting it to the high pressure water pipe during the night, and our entire first floor was completely flooded. Even our Heater/AC vents were full of water up to the floors!

We found it at 3am when we came down to take the dogs out, and we then spent the next several hours trying to mop it all up.  It was immediately obvious, however, that our kitchen cabinets and our hardwood floors were badly damaged and warping everywhere.

Our insurance recommended that we call a water mitigation service and gave us a couple different suggestions for companies to use.  We chose to call SERVPRO Southeast, and we have been so very glad (and grateful!) that we did!

SERVPRO's Silo Busca arrived 30 minutes after we called, surveyed the water damage, took lots of measurements, and tons of photos.  He explained what we needed to do to minimize any further damage and prevent mold growth, gave us a detailed explanation of his plan, and had his team and all their equipment at our house, set up, and working within just a few hours.

Thank you for the great work drying out my family's kitchen, SERVPRO! Cody and Bodie are the best team! Great guys with a supreme work ethic and amazing customer service! I nicknamed them the "Odies") Thanks again!

Very prompt and courteous team sent to clean and deodorize my place of business. Although my insurance declined service, I was impressed by SERVPRO and will use them in the future.

When coming back home from vacation, me and my wife came home to find our kitchen and basement full of water.  We thought this couldn't be fixed.  I called a friend of mine and he told me that he had this happen to him a while back.  He recommended SERVPRO Southeast Portland to help fix my house.  In thirty minutes Sebastian arrived and explained to me step by step on what they would do to dry my home.  2 weeks later they dried out my home and i was very pleased. Sebastian and his crew were very helpful, and professional.

This business was really thoughtful and responded to my house with very polite and helpful employees. Just wanted to say thanks again S.E. SERVPRO and hope we stay dry again next year Merci!!

I had a home disaster last week and seriously did not know what to do. After a day of shopping I came home to a flooded basement. I called my insurance agent and he highly recommended SERVPRO of Southeast Portland office to help with the flood damage. They came within minutes and immediately went to work on making sure that the cause of the flooding stopped and no further damage was done. The clean up was extensive,  yet quick because of their expertise. They even followed up with me a few days later to make sure I had no further issues and that everything was still operating ok. They were life savers!

I am at the tail-end of a long water/mold removal project and I just have to say that had it not been for Silo of the Southeast SERVPRO office, I would have NEVER made it through.  He is the kind of professional that goes beyond limits and to get the job done right.  He came in to assess the problem, even after being initially denied by my insurance company, and set about securing the area and working within my financial limits to figure out the true problem (which turned out to be a leak in my attic that caused severe water damage and the insurance company did come back in and take care of it).  He kept me calm through many of the delays (not his fault at all) and worked as fast as he could to get the house back into shape and water/mold free.  I would highly recommend Silo and SE Portland SERVPRO!

 They went above and beyond and constantly checked in on our family. I can't say enough good things about how great our experience was.

Silo showed up at my house within 30 min of my call. I had water flooding my basement form a broken water supply line. I would not have known what to do without his expertise. He had tools which could tell exactly where the moisture in the walls were so they only had to remove the affected areas. Silo and his crew worked until midnight the first night packing up what was salvageable and removing drywall and insulation to get the drying process started. They had state of the art drying machines and air cleaners. They were there again first thing in the morning doing more demolition and cleaning. He also came to meet my insurance adjuster with me and has seen that the job is done right. I can not say enough about how hard these guys work. They were recommended to me by my insurance agent at Farmers who I trust.